20 to 10 Program


Body Composition Progress

December 13, 2019

My current body fat is about 14%.  I began to burnout near the end of November and needed a break from training on the bike and the gym.  As a result of the holiday and rest I gained some weight.   Still I’m far ahead of where I was a year ago.   I’m about 15 lbs less overall and about 8% – 10% less body fat.   Importantly, my diet hasn’t gotten off the rails this Fall.  And, even though I’ve taken a break from training, I haven’t lost much strength in the gym or on the bike.

November 1, 2019

My current body fat is about 13%- 14%.  I trained frequently on the bike during October  – and less intense in the gym.  I lost some muscle in August and September and gained some fat this past month.  I annually drop volume and intensity during October to recover from heavy summer intensity.  I’ve allowed more flexibility with my diet the past four weeks.   Time to step it up and avoid the typical winter fat gain.  By Spring I plan to be leaner and get down to 10% – my goal for the past year.

September 5, 2019

My current body fat is about 12.5% – slightly higher over the past month. My weight has been consistently around 172 – 174 lbs for the past few months. With track season ending in a few weeks and Fall approaching I anticipate staying lean will be more of a challenge. However without performance and competition being as high a priority I can focus more on body composition. I’m still eating a mostly paleo diet with occasional deviations. If I were more strict I could easily begin dropping fat. Aerobic training and racing 3 days a week makes it difficult to maintain lean mass.

July 29, 2019

I’m between 11-12% body fat currently.  I am the same weight I was last month at 13% but my clothes are looser and I’m stronger.  My recovery improved once I began increasing protein.   Depending on my racing and training schedule my weight fluctuates between 168 and 173 lbs. I’m still focusing on performance and conditioning as the priority over body composition. But by adhering to a mainly paleo diet with some occasional deviations my body fat is still slowly coming off.   I have another couple of months until Fall when my energy level tends to decrease and I easily accumulate fat.     I still intend to get down to 10% or less.   I could probably reduce fruit consumption to make it happen but I am already eating very low carb.

July 10, 2019

Over the past 10 days I’ve increased protein and changed up my workouts. My progress has been slowed a little because of the holiday and some family events. But I’ve still managed to reduce my body fat percentage. I’m down about another lbs of fat or gained some lean weight at about the same body weight. I’ve gotten stronger in some areas: bench press, deadlift, pull-ups. My power on the bike is also improving.  Changes at this point are going to be almost imperceptible.   My goal was under 10% by August. 11-12 is more likely.

June 29, 2019

June 29, 2019

Weight: 171.8
Body Fat Percentage: 13.1%
Lean Body Weight: 149.3
Fat Weight: 22.5

April 23, 2019

Weight: 175
Body Fat Percentage: 15%
Lean Body Weight: 148.7
Fat Weight: 26.3

I tested this AM at 13.1% body fat.    I’m satisfied with the fat loss.  Lean weight is almost the same despite my effort to gain lean mass. I have a few possible variables to consider as I continue to pursue 9-10% body fat.

  • Insufficient recovery from high frequency resistance training
  • Insufficient protein intake
  • High volume cardio work

If I continue my current program I will likely continue losing fat but at a slow rate. Ideally I want to add lean mass and maintain a body weight of 170 lbs. Additional muscle makes it easier to drop fat. I can’t add to my frequency of resistance training but I can increase protein and recovery. I can also reduce frequency of resistance training and increase the intensity.

I was disgusted

March 12, 2019

This is day 27 of my fat loss program.  A month ago I was about 185 lbs and disgusted  with myself.   (In January I was 190 and about 25% body fat).  For the past three years I’ve set body composition goals and failed to follow through for more than a month.  This morning I weighed 178 lbs at about 18-20% fat.     But this isn’t solely a fat or weight loss plan.    My real intention is to adjust my body composition – losing 15-20 lbs of fat while simultaneously gaining 10 lbs of lean mass.     The first milestone measure will be at the end of May (or sooner) with a drop from 20% fat to 10%.  From there I plan to reduce to 8% fat by end of Summer 2019.

I’ve done similar programs over the past 20 years – most recently in 2015.  In eight weeks I dropped 10 lbs of fat and gained 5 lbs of lean mass to get to 10.6% body fat (hydrostatic measure).  During that 2 month span I exercised on 40 days using a combination of circuit training and sprinting.  At times the exercise was intense and diet was fairly calorie and carb restricted.  About 6 weeks in I was run down and had some nagging injuries.   I’m taking a more moderate approach this time.  I’m less calorie restricted but more precise with what I’m consuming.  With exercise I’m using the same amount of frequency and overall volume but less intensity.   After getting to 10.4% body fat, I continued to improve to about 9.5-10% over the following four weeks (photo on Body Composition page).