April 23, 2007 – Strength workout

Time: 4:30AM
Purpose: Strength
Methods: Pull, Push, Jump, Flexibility
Equipment: Weights, 24 inch box, 6lbs weighted shorts

Warmup: 25 jumping jacks;
Windmill, Side Press, Turkish Get up – 5 each side with 25lb dumbbell
Twists each side with 45lb bar

Deadlifts – Sumo, alternating grip (i.e. LR, RL)
285lbs x 2 (LR)
Immediately after DL – Box plyometrics (Start on top of 24 inch box, then step in any direction. At ground contact, quick return to the box top. Repeat plyo in all 4 directions)
Recover: (Sit and read) 5 minutes
285 x 2 (LR)
Plyos, Rest 5min.
285 x 2 (RL)
Plyos Rest 5min

5 Windmills Each side with 25lbs

Box Squat on 13in box. 155lbs x 5 (2min rest)
Clean 155 x 2 (5 min between)
Clean/Jerk/Front Squat 155 x 1

Bench Press
230lbs x 1 (5 min rest)
235 x 1 (5 min)
240 x 1 (5min)
240 x 1 (5min)

Side Press – 25lbs x 5 each side

Floor Wipers
145lbs x 35

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