April 25, 2007 – Flexibility

Time: 5:00AM
45 minute routine, no rest between movements:
Single leg stretches, lunges, Windmills, etc are done on each side

Jumping Jacks – 25
Broomsticks (behind the back and rotate in all directions)
Leg Crossover Swings – 10
Forward Leg Swings – 10
Good Mornings – 45lb bar – 10
Forward Lunges BW(body weight) 10
Side Lunges BW x 20
Squats – Deep BW x 20
Good Mornings – 90lbs x 5
Windmills 30lb DB x 5
Good Mornings – 90lbs x 10
Romanian DL – 90lbs x 10
Turkish Get-up – 50lb DB x 5

Static stretches: Hold 1 min, repeat in order

  • Figure 4 (Modified Hurdler)
    Low Back (Lay on back; feet come over the head and extend to the floor)
    Standing toe touch (fingertips/palms to the floor)
    IT Band

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