July 12, 2007 – Track



Thurs, 6:00PM – Sacramento State practice track – 85 degrees, light wind

15 1/2 minute walk to track

400meters jog/side to side shuffle/backward jog; Jumping Jacks – 25;  Dynamic Stretches x 2 sets (10m then sprint 10m.): Knee Hug, Knee to Shoulder, Straight Leg Kick, Knee to opposite Elbow. (Cues: Toe up, rise onto ball of the foot, and stay tall.) Walk back slowly.  60 meter stride @75%
SPRINTS                       25MeterTimingZonewith20MeterRunUp
Goal:   25meters < 3.31 seconds with a 20meter run in at 100%.   Hand timed 25meter speed zone.
Sprint 1 – 3.13 (secs)
Sprint 2: 3.17
Sprint 3: 3.15
Sprint 4: 3.29
Sprint 5: 3.15
Sprint 6: 3.15

200 meters X 1 (easy – 31.22 secs)

15 1/2 minute walk to car

Considering my sleep has been screwed up every night this week, the workout was a success.  The sprints feel a little tight, and I’m still cautious.   I’m a few tenths off where I was at my peak in January.     Decelerating on the 6th sprint I began to tie up on the left leg – sprint workout over.   Still building strength.

3 eggs – olive oil.  sunflower seeds, pineapple and grapes.

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