September 6, 2007 – Strength

Thursday, 4:30AM; TGU, Deadlifts, Plyometrics & Sprints

MOBILITY:   Jumping Jacks x 25;  45lb bar – 20 reps each – Good Morning; Overhead Press; RDL + Shrug + Calf Raise;  Lunge; Overhead Squat;

3/4 rep x 95lb bar (stood up on both sides but couldn’t get back to the ground with right side)

DEADLIFT, PLYOMETRICS & SPRINTS (5 min rest after each sprint/plyos set)
315 x 2
25 meter sprint
315 x 2
25 meter sprint
315 x 2
25″ plyometrics (box jump – forward, backward, left, right)
205 x 4 x 2 (5″platform; double overhand grip; fast)
25″ plyos
205 x 4 (5″ platform…fast)
Plyos – 25″ box

6 x 50lb vest


I’m close to a PR on the TGU.   I need to move quicker so my shoulder doesn’t have to stablize and balance the weight so long. The second deadlift of the second set took a long time to get off the floor.  I’m using a heavier weight on the sumo than needed at this point in the cycle.  I reduced the weight of my 5″ platform lifts to work on speed getting off the ground.  My right hip flexor is sore – probably from sprints on Monday and this morning.  This is why I need to sprint more frequently – so I don’t lose conditioning and efficiency  while I’m focusing on building strength.  My last set of plyometrics were a chore.  My coordination backward and forward deteriorated rapidly in the last set.  It took me 8 attempts to complete the last 4 jumps on and off.  I’m being cautious since I just raised the height last week.  A few of my lumbar injuries over the past few years were due to careless landings from jumps.

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