September 9, 2007 – General Conditioning

Sunday, 8:45AM; TGU – Attempt at PR x 2, Bench Press, Run.

MOBILITY:    45lb bar – 20 reps each – Good Morning; Overhead Press; RDL + Shrug + Calf Raise;  Lunge

TURKISH GETUP (L/R = 1 Rep) (Attempt at PR)
3/4 rep x 95lb bar (stood up on both sides; strained & twisted my left ankle on the way down the second time – abandoned lift.)

BENCH PRESS (3 min rest each set)
225 x 1
235 x 1
235 x 1
235 x 1
235 x 1

TURKISH GETUP (L/R = 1 Rep) (2nd Attempt at PR)
1/2 rep x 95lb bar (stood up on both sides; lost control of the bar foward on 2nd time up; abandoned lift)

10 x +50lb vest

5 x 95lb Bar

1/4 mile to the park – quick tempo
Various bar dips, torso raises
1/4 mile home – balls of the feet – long strides

Initially, I thought I sprained my ankle – it hurt like hell – but it was just overstretched.  I guess all those plyos have paid off in injury prevention.  The 95lb weight isn’t an issue now – it’s balance and technique.  As I’m sitting down, I  need to get my hand to the floor quickly to create a stable column between the weight and the floor.  I think doing some Windmills with the bar could be helpful.  I’m pleased with the overhead squat.  I haven’t done anything other than the bar for months, and wasn’t sure what I could do.   I’ll see if I can get my body weight over my head.

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