Sunday Morning

WORKOUT SUMMARY – Light intensity, combinations, body weight.

MOBILITY – 25 Jumping Jacks

COMBINATION (3 minutes rest each set)
155lb Bar – Deadlift + Shrug + Calf Raise (Snatch Grip); 15 Dips + 10* Pullups (body weight)
Rest 3 minutes and repeat combination x 4
*Sets 2-4 – five explosive pullups for speed.

155 x 5


3 x 50lb DB


After reviewing “Morita Therapy and the True Nature of Anxiety-Based Disorders (Shinkeishitsu),” 1928 by Shoma Morita, MD. I’ve made a shift in my anxious thinking about, and failed approaches to dealing with insomnia

I began studying eastern religion and philosophy more than 15 years ago, and I came across Morita’s work and found it helpful in addressing routine pain from injury; or discomfort during endurance events.   The most helpful idea or principle to me is this:

…”pain and suffering cannot be

manipulated by one’s desire to be free from them…there are

two ways of freeing oneself from uncomfortable feelings.

One way is to completely become the pain or the suffering itself…

The other way…focus on the pain and to observe, describe,

and evaluate it, without attempting to

eliminate the discomfort or to distract oneself…”

Yesterday, I began applying this principle to”insomnia”.   In addition to changes I’m making at work, I will take a more accepting and accomodating view of symptoms rather than rejecting, denying, or trying to escape them.   The immediate result already is less irritablity and fear about the symptoms.   I also plan to sleep where and whenever reasonable and practical instead of worrying about how it will affect my sleep later.  Yesterday this involved taking an hour nap in the car at a mall parking lot.   I also slept 7 hours last night – 6 hours uninterrupted.

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