December 31, 2010


Track goals: Unrealized
Strength:  Improved cardio and endurance, diminished optimal strength in most lifts.
Flexibility:  No significant changes
Injuries:  Herniated disc, chronic injuries to left shoulder/elbow.  Right thumb.
Body Composition:  Improved from 13% to 9% body fat
Summary: Progress slowed by work stress (multiple layoffs, new jobs) and injuries. Currently, injuries are resolving – primarily due to a deliberate effort to start with body weight and train with less intensity and volume.

2011 GOALS

Train – average 3-4 x per week
Sprint speed: 60 meters < 8 secs by March
Strength: Increase optimal strength: Deadlift, Squat, Presses, Weighted Pullup
Body Composition: Maintain 10% body fat
Avoid injury: Limit changes in training (introduce 1 variable at a time).  Realize training is not a competition, it is preparation for competition.   Attend to recovery.

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