November 9, 2012

Training through October was limited by fatigue and soreness.  Review of past 5 Octobers shows a pattern of injury or illness during that month.  This year I avoided that by reducing training to 2 days per week. Despite reduced training and fitness, I lowered my times on the stairs to 14.6 seconds. Resumed training 4 days per week this week.  I’ve added weighted hip thrusts and a 28kg kettle bell to training.

Example of training this week:

Thursday Circuit x 2

Hip Thrust:  245 x 10r x 2s
Bench Press 195 x 3r x 2s (slow negative)
Squat – 195 x 5r x 2s
Deadlift (clean grip) – 245 x 5r x 2s
Chinup x body weight – x 5r x 2 sets (slow negative0
Kettlebell Swing/Snatch; 28kg x 20/20
Alfredson + 75lb x 1set
Single Leg Squat to 13″ box (holding 2 x 35lb dumb bells) 1 set of 8reps each leg.
Single Leg Deadlift – 70lb dumb bell; 1 set of 5 reps each leg

Sunday 25 burpees, Dynamic Warmup, Sprint Drills 60 meter stairs x 10 reps – (fastest rep 14.6)

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