April 5, 2015


WARMUP: Calisthenics; dynamic walking drills, sprint drills; jump rope

35 meters < 4.62 secs @ 95 -100% effort (25 meter fly in)
Warmup – 4.85
1. 4.53
2. 4.41
3. 4.56
4. 4.44
5. 4.53
6. *

NOTE:  * loss of focus at the start of sprint 6 – did a slight deceleration then attempted acceleration and seriously strained left hamstring.

Gerard Mach Hamstring Workout for Rehab

Set up 2 cones 10m apart on grass. Run 10m to the cone, then slow down, stop, turnaround and do 10 reps total. That’s one set. Take a break and do 4 to 6 sets, building up to 10 sets over the course of the injury, or 10 x (10x10m) for 1000 meters of total volume.

Once you can do 10x10x10m, if the hamstring isn’t “grabbing” at 10m,  extend the cone to 15m, for 7 x 15m. Again, 1000 meters of total volume.

The 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th increment are 10x(5x20m) to 10x(4x35m) to 10x(3x30m) and finally 10x(2x50m)

The progression:

4 to 6 sets of (10x10m)
10 x (10x10m)
10 x (7x15m)
10 x (5x20m)
10 x (4x 25m)
10 x (3x30m)
and finally 10 x (2x50m)
when healthy, 10 x 100m (or 20 x 100m)
Repeat daily or every second day until you finish the workout without pain in the hamstring. Do NOT advance the distance if the hamstring grabs or hurts.

Frontside vs. Backside mechanics

If the hamstring is a bit tender, you can always cut back 5 meters.

The logic of the workout is the injury occurred during “backside mechanics” and the short distances (10m) is all acceleration work and “front side mechanics”. Thus it should NOT interfere with the rehab process.

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