June 9, 2015


WARMUP: Single Leg Glute Bridge – 2 sets -10 reps each leg; Supine Leg Whip – 2 sets – 10 reps each leg;

CIRCUIT x 5 sets each; 1 min recovery each set
Bulgarian Split Squat – 65lbs x 8 reps each leg
Pullup x 8 reps
Single Leg Bridge – 24Kg x 10 reps each leg
Chinup x 8 reps
Goblet Squat – 24Kg x 10reps
Pushups x 25 reps
Jump Rope x 50 skips

+45LB – 15 reps left leg
Body Weight – 15 reps right leg
+10lbs – 15 reps right leg

AM Heart Rate – 46bpm
Calf pull improved; Left Lumbar limited ROM.

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