April 22, 2018


TURKISH GETUP – 45 LB bar x 2 reps each side

245 lb x 3 reps X 3 sets

185 1b x 3 reps
205 x 2
215 x 1
225 x 1

DEAD LIFT (hook grip)
320 lb x 3 reps x 3 sets

320 lb x 10 reps x 1 set

PULL UP (+12.5 lbs)
5 reps x 2 sets

225 on the bench press was a shoulder rehab milestone I didn’t anticipate hitting for a few more months.

I’ve been training without recording entries over the past month.  I’ve resumed cycling and am planning to race on the local velodrome. I’ve put in several interval rides on a stationary trainer this month.   I’ve completed 1 of 2 track days on the velodrome required to certify for racing.   I’m also getting fit-analysis for a track bike.

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