July 10, 2018


CYCLING (velodrome)
30 laps warm-up
1.5 Lap Pursuit – 45.44
6 Lap Pursuit – 3:03.32
3 Lap Team Sprint – 1:20.82


I expected a better 1.5 lap time.   I only reduced it by 3/4 of a second from last month.  I was anticipating 3 or 4 seconds faster.   My six lap time was significantly reduced by over 2 seconds per lap – likely due to weekly endurance training.  I’m still adjusting to the large jump in gearing and volume.  I’m dealing with a lot of low back tightness from ramping up so abruptly.   The elbow soreness I was dealing with last month has leveled off.

I will have a couple more opportunities to improve these times this season.   During the off season I plan to build power and strength for sprint efforts.   Some  reasonable goals for next season:

1.5 laps – < 40 secs
6 laps < 2:50
200 meters < 13.5 secs

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