August 7, 2018


CYCLING (track)
1 hour warm-up

5 lap scratch race
10 lap points race


Racing tonight was abbreviated due to rain.

My primary goals for track cycling this season were:

  • Re-orient to cycling
  • Sharpen pack riding skills;
  • Orientation to track racing rules, strategy
  • Upgrade from Beginner category

I was upgraded to race with A&B masters racers today.  Upgrading was a key goal for this season and will accelerate my progress toward other goals.  Riding with more experienced racers involves higher speeds, increased safety, and exposure to more strategy and general knowledge.   I will also get better idea of the performance curve I’m facing in future seasons.  All the masters have been racing track more than 3 years, some for a decade or more.  After riding for the past few months I still feel like I’m just getting started and expect a considerable amount of improvement next season.

I’m tentatively planning to ride a century within a month.   I need to get in a 70-75 mile ride in the next two weeks.  I’m also considering two criterium races in about 6 weeks.

My off season cycling beginning in October will include continued weekly rides of 2-4 hours, and consistent interval training on and off the track.



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