August 31, 2018

FRIDAY; 7 pm

CYCLING RACING (velodrome)
10 mile warm up
200 meter sprint – 15.09
5 Lap Scratch
10 Lap Scratch

My flying 200 meter sprint was slower by half a second since last month.  I had an opportunity to review it on video and it seemed obvious I approached the timing zone too slow.  I’ve gained 3 mph in the 200 meter since June.   Another 1.5 mph will put me under 13.9 seconds.

Tonight was going to be my first race with “C” category.  Because of low C turnout two of us were combined with a field of B racers.  I didn’t expect the acceleration to come as soon as it did.  A gap formed ahead of me and I hesitated too long. I ended up chasing for a lap.  I was better prepared in the second race.  In the 10 lap race 4 riders gapped 2 riders ahead of me at about 5 laps to go.  I was gapped briefly, caught on and stayed with the chase until the final sprint.   I took 6th out of 8 riders for one point.

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