September 1, 2018



CYCLING RACING (Velodrome  Masters Category – 11 riders)
1/2 hour warm up
5-Lap Scratch – 8th
7-Lap Win & Out – 7th – 1 point
10-Lap Reverse Snowball – 7th – 1 point
10-Lap Split Scratch – 8th
Miss & Out – 9th

My endurance has improved over the past four months, I can stay with the group at constant speeds until there are sharp acclerations.   Again I don’t have sufficient power.   This was my first “miss and out” event and I wasn’t sure how to strategize positioning.   After the 3rd lap I thought I was in safe position but realized I was boxed in when two riders slipped past me up the track on the line.  In the future I have to either stay in the front or make sure I have an avenue of escape up either side of the track to avoid elimination.

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