September 3, 2018


CYCLING (rolling hills)
40 miles

This was my first ride using a power meter and cadence sensor.  The distance itself was fairly comfortable.  I immediately noticed my cadence is far lower than I would have guessed.   I already know I have to improve my power.  I need to test my VO2Max and Functional Threshold Power (average power that a rider can produce over the course of an hour)  so I can begin to track improvement.   I’ve located a potential 10 mile time trial course as well as some hills where I can do intervals.    I also have to be more observant about hydration during rides.  I’m bypassing refueling opportunities due to impatience.

You can argue a track racer doesn’t need high levels of endurance or FTP.    An  endurance focus will eventually work against top speed, but I first need a basic foundation of strength to build more power and speed.

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