September 11, 2018


CYCLING (velodrome)
20 laps warm-up
1.5 Lap (500 meters) Pursuit – 44.72 (25 mph)
6 Lap (2000 meters) Pursuit – 2:57.59 (25.27 mph)

These are personal bests for the season coming off a hard effort on Monday.   I went close to full effort from the beginning in the 2k and improved by almost 6 seconds over last month.  I was reluctant to go all out in previous 2ks  because I thought I’d drop power and speed too soon.  I’ve taken almost 19 seconds off my 6 lap time since June.   I made an effort to keep a higher cadence in both of these events.  It helped seeing my watts and cadence over the past week.

This was a 2 second improvement in the 500 meters from last month, but I’ve got to accelerate off the line better and achieve another 3 mph.



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