September 18, 2018


CYCLING  (Velodrome  Masters Category)
1/2 hour warm up
5-Lap Scratch
8-Lap Win & Out
30-Lap Points Race
10-Lap Unknown Distance

I did okay in the 5 lap scratch race but didn’t have the power to respond to the final sprint acceleration.  That will be my primary off season goal.    I was the target of negative racing in the win and out.  I confirmed today another rider I have begun to surpass in results has been singling me out in recent events.  I noticed in all our races lately he is making an effort to get in front of me.   However, in the elimination race today he rode into my line several times then slowed on one lap at the line blocked my line and I was eliminated.   Now that I’m aware of his tactics, he will be easier to avoid.  The 30 lap race was my best event of the season.  It was fast throughout, but I stayed with the escape group.  Several riders were dropped and lapped twice (including the rider who singled me out earlier.)  Again, I didn’t have the power to stay with the final sprint. The unknown distance was open to all categories. It was chaotic and I wasn’t as competitive as I was in the other events.  Another rider dropped his chain in the final lap and I went up track and slowed to avoid him.

I was planning on racing a criterium this weeend.  I’ve reconsidered since my longest race this year has been about 20 minutes long and I haven’t ridden in a pack with brakes or multiple gears. At some point this off season I will do some group rides with increased length and speed to sharpen up.

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