September 23, 2018

SUNDAY; 10:30 AM

CYCLING (rolling hills) 48.5 miles
10.8 mile warm-up – 17.5 mph
7.74 mile time trial – 20.8 mph
30 miles – 15.8 mph

I attempted another FTP test on the road, but the Garmin program rejected the data. I assume it was because I couldn’t maintain the prescribed power zones due to constant rolling hills and significant fluctuations in wattage. I plan to repeat the FTP test on a stationary trainer. The auto calculation on my unit indicates my current FTP is “fair.” I interpret this as having an insufficient base of endurance.  My motivation right now is to add intervals and intensity, but I know the best way to build endurance is longer and slower rides.     A few months ago, I couldn’t completed today’s effort.   My endurance is gradually coming around, it’s just a really slow process.   I have to constantly remind myself to be patient.

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