September 25, 2018


CYCLING RACING (velodrome)
30 minute warm up
200 meter sprint – 14.82″
Match sprints x 3

I’ve made no improvement in my 200 meter sprint over the past couple months.  Maybe a second and a half faster since May.

I attempted to enter this 200 meter sprint at a higher speed tonight, but it made minimal difference.   Things to consider:  insufficient power, excess body weight, bike handling.

I was 1 for 3 in the match sprints.  The first heat I didn’t handle the turn well and opponent just came around me at the end.  I would have been DQd anyway.   I won the second because of the right strategy at the right time – I waited and took an unpredictable line in the last 200 meters.  In the third heat, I couldn’t respond quickly enough and catch the opponent’s wheel.

This was my last race of this track season.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I decided to return to cycling.   I surpassed some of the goals I set for the year.   Struggling with deficient power is still something that concerns me.    In retrospect I over estimated my level of conditioning entering the season.   I’m encouraged by the progress I did make in a short period of time.   If my 200 meter times are an indication, progress at this point is going to be in much smaller increments over the next two seasons.

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