October 14, 2018

SUNDAY; 10:00 AM

CYCLING (rolling hills) 50 miles (192 watts)
60 mins – 195 watts
6 x .8 mile hill (3%) repeats
30 mins – 186 watts
20 mins – 226 watts
44 mins – 177 watts

My fitness has improved gradually over the past month.  I’m producing more power at every duration from 5 seconds – 90 minutes.     Still recovering well.   My body composition is static.   I don’t have time to do 2 long easy base building efforts with my work schedule and less daylight ahead.  If I focus only on aerobic conditioning I’m not going to have much volume or build much power this offseason.   I’ve decided to do one long ride per weekend (3 hours) that includes some short intense efforts and occasionally a 20 minute hard effort.  Weather and time permitting I will ride the track for skill building.  During the week I will do one or two short duration rides with varied sprints.   At some point prior to Spring I will try to fit in 4 consecutive days of 75 miles.   I may also do a few group rides this Winter.  The main goal right now is to keep building fitness and power.

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