October 31, 2018

The Fall is my most difficult season of the year – physically.  I start to get run down – maybe due to change of daylight exposure or colder temperatures – not certain.  Ignoring the change of season and pushing through fatigue and soreness in the past used to result in illness or injury every year.  About 5 years ago I began purposely cutting back when I started to feel different.  It’s helped a lot.

This year I got through October pretty well.  I put in several hard efforts on the bike on Sundays and a few during the week after work.  I’ve increased power based on the numbers I’m recording, and haven’t lost much strength in the gym.

During last Sunday’s ride I was passed by a 15 rider peloton.  Ordinarily I would have jumped in and rode at their pace.   Instead, I focused on my own goals and stayed off the back.  I also noticed as I started to climb a 1/2 mile hill I was starting to catch up as they were reaching the top.   This is another positive sign my training is going well.  I’m not a climber by any means but I was riding comfortably.    My desire and motivation to train hard is still at a high level.   My only limits right now are time and sufficient daylight.

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