January 1, 2019


Last year at this time I was considering returning to cycling.   I got back on the bike in April and made some progress.  I’m optimistic about improving over the next 3 years.

I reduced my frequency of strength training over the past few months.  Mainly due to reduced motivation.   Most of my training has been cycling.  I have a TrainingPeaks app. that records my training so I don’t duplicate it here.

Since September I’ve tried to do as many long efforts (3 hours + ride each week) as I can to build a base of endurance and strength.  That was going well through November, but because of  the weather conditions my training volume and fitness declined during December.  I increased frequency over the past few weeks and regained some fitness.   I will continue the long rides into Spring, extending to 5-6 hours.  I also plan to put together 4 consecutive days of 75 miles before Summer.

Over the coming months I will add some specific power intervals (standing starts at the base of hill); as well as sprint repeats at various durations.

Lean body composition is an annual winter challenge.  Its been an even bigger one this year with a reduction of weight training, and the transition from sprint training (running) to cycling.    I expect more volume, power and sprint training on the bike will help with this.  I will also continue squats, deadlifts, kettlebell and body weight training.   The biggest impact will be tightening up my nutrition – mainly by reducing carbs and increasing protein.

Competition is 3 months out.

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