February 15, 2019


CYCLING (1 hour indoor rollers)
Recovery / endurance / tempo
85rpm avg

A month ago I posted about leaning up again and since then have made absolutely no measurable progress. Yesterday I realized it’s time to stop kidding myself.  My body fat has gotten out of hand.  I’ve been setting body composition goals for the past three years, failing to follow through, and then moving the goal out several more months. During this period I experimented with intermittent fasting for months and ketogenic diet a few times. I’ve stayed on track for weeks at a time just to lose focus again.  The past few months I’ve let my nutrition go to hell.   I’ve finally run out of excuses and I’m disgusted with myself.

Four years ago I dropped 6% body fat in 8 weeks to get to 10.4% body fat. I lost 10+ lbs of fat and gained 7 lbs of lean mass. At age 55 that even surprised me. What finally caused me to wake up then was a serious hamstring pull ending my indoor track season. I was frustrated about carrying extra weight and wanted to accomplish something.   I feel that same frustration but even more intensely.

I will be under 10% body fat this Summer. My resolve is at another level again. Even more than it was in 2015.  I have the motivation to train. The biggest challenge then and now is being disciplined with nutrition for months at a time and maintaining progress.

“Talk is cheap.”

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