February 21, 2019


CYCLING: Indoor Rollers: 55 minutes total;  20 minute warm-up then 10 x 1 minute cadence 105-110 with 1 minute recovery at 85+ cadence.  10 minutes cool down.

Today is the end of the first week of my new body composition goal – 11% by end of May.  I’ve eliminated all simple carbs and reduced complex carbs considerably.  The biggest impact will be cutting back on carbs and overall food volume following workouts.  I will have to increase protein intake.

My weight over the past 18 months has averaged 180 lbs at 20% body fat. Since December I’ve hovered between 185 – 190 lbs at 20-25%. Yesterday, I saw 179 for the first time in several months. Body fat is down to about 20%.  Based on previous experience at this rate I will be at 175-177 in the next 3-4 weeks.  My weight will fluctuate 2-5 lbs at times due to water gain/loss. My body fat will drop fairly markedly until I get to 13%. 10%-11% body fat is a reasonable expectation by the end of May.  Once I get to 10%, each percentage after that will come off very slowly.   I will be under 10% by August.  The last time I was 10% I still had room to improve my diet.  Instead I let up and got off track within a few months.

I haven’t journaled all my training this month.  I’ve had about 12 training sessions this month and plan to do another 5.    Next month I will do 20 sessions.  Intensity will pick up in April once track racing begins.


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