March 12, 2019


CYCLING (Indoor Rollers – 40 minutes)
10 min w/u
20 min tempo (150 – 170 watts)
5 min – alternating single leg – 30 secs – 90-100 rpm
5 min easy cool down

AM Body weight – 178 lbs.  I’ve reduced 5 lbs since February 14 – about what I expected.  I’m sure I’ve added a couple lbs of lean mass.  Following the diet plan has been a lot easier over the last week.  Adding more avacado and other vegetables.

No problems with hip on the bike today.  Less sore, better ROM when walking.

20 to 10

I’m a 58 year old moderately active male working in a sedentary occupation.  This blog is going to include my recent fat loss program.  I started it on February 14, 2019.  “20 to 10” represents the change in my body fat percentage in the coming months.  20% is probably a low estimate of body fat.  It was probably between 20-25%.

In this 2015 photo I was 10% body fat.


Since then I gradually gained about 15-20 lbs of fat and lost 10 lbs of lean mass.  I ran out of excuses recently, got disgusted and decided to get serious.  I will post before and after photos by June.

Some of the images on this sight were gathered from various places on the internet.  And, some of them are photographs I’ve taken. This blog does not generate income.

I was disgusted

March 12, 2019

This is day 27 of my fat loss program.  A month ago I was about 185 lbs and disgusted  with myself.   (In January I was 190 and about 25% body fat).  For the past three years I’ve set body composition goals and failed to follow through for more than a month.  This morning I weighed 178 lbs at about 18-20% fat.     But this isn’t solely a fat or weight loss plan.    My real intention is to adjust my body composition – losing 15-20 lbs of fat while simultaneously gaining 10 lbs of lean mass.     The first milestone measure will be at the end of May (or sooner) with a drop from 20% fat to 10%.  From there I plan to reduce to 8% fat by end of Summer 2019.

I’ve done similar programs over the past 20 years – most recently in 2015.  In eight weeks I dropped 10 lbs of fat and gained 5 lbs of lean mass to get to 10.6% body fat (hydrostatic measure).  During that 2 month span I exercised on 40 days using a combination of circuit training and sprinting.  At times the exercise was intense and diet was fairly calorie and carb restricted.  About 6 weeks in I was run down and had some nagging injuries.   I’m taking a more moderate approach this time.  I’m less calorie restricted but more precise with what I’m consuming.  With exercise I’m using the same amount of frequency and overall volume but less intensity.   After getting to 10.4% body fat, I continued to improve to about 9.5-10% over the following four weeks (photo above).

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