April 16, 2019


CIRCUIT x 5 (+20 lb weight vest)
Push up – 10reps
Pull up – 5r
Single leg RDL – 24 kg x 10r (5/5)
Chin up – 5r
Push press – 105 lb barbell x 5r
Ab wheel x 5r

1 mile walk with weight vest


CYCLING  (Track Masters Category – 14 riders)
45 minute warm up

Omnium overall placing – 8th
5 -Lap Scratch  –  7th
8-Lap Tempo – 7th
10-Lap split scratch – 6th
40 Lap points race – 6th


  • AM body weight 175
  • Raced near the front in all four races.  Came close to getting dropped with 10 laps to go in the fourth race but chased and got back in after a sprint lap.   Last year I would have been dropped in the first 20 laps.  My strength has improved from consistent long moderately hard rides over the winter.
  • I need more speed endurance (capacity to prolong duration of near maximal efforts) and then more power to contest sprints.  I can feel I’m racing against stronger riders.  They can raise their speeds faster for longer and still have power in reserve for the sprint while I’m just enduring.   In my opinion, my speed endurance is only going to improve if I race hard weekly.  It is difficult to match those conditions training by myself.   I can work on sprint technique and power by myself.
  • I can’t say how much progress I can make this season.   I’m going to avoid racing on consecutive days unless one day is a sprint format only.   When I do endurance related events (mass starts, pursuits) I want to be fully recovered and make 100% efforts.

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