April 23, 2019

Body Fat Test – Hydrostatic 

Weight: 175 lbs
Body Fat Percentage: 15% (14.9 rounded up)
Lean Body Weight: 148.7
Fat Weight: 26.3

July 14. 2018

Weight: 179.2
Body Fat Percentage: 17.9%
Lean Body Weight: 147.1
Fat Weight: 32.1

  • Note:
    Comparison between last July and today – I’ve gained almost two lbs of lean mass and lost about 6 lbs of fat.Not a substantial change.  However, had I tested in January when I was 190lbs I estimate I was 20-23% (about 40-44 lbs of fat).   That is a significant difference in less than four months and the kind of change I’m looking for.The plan is to drop another 11 lbs of fat and gain 6 lbs of lean mass before the end of August.  The fat may continue to drop without changing anything. But I need to increase my daily protein intake by 50 grams to gain the lean mass.I’m uncertain how training frequency and type will affect the rate of change in my body composition.  In the past I was doing more track and field sprinting, now I’m doing more endurance cycling.  I’m also 4 years older.The last time I dropped from 16% body fat to 10.5% it took 2 months.  During that time I trained 40 days, primarily in the evening.  Since February 14, when I changed my diet I’ve dropped about 5% body fat.  I trained on 45 of those days, mostly in the morning.  I missed some days due to a cold and injured lumbar.   I am going to track the number of training days it takes to get from 15% to 10%.
  • Day 1 – 15%-10%



CYCLING (track sprints)

200 meters – 14.44
Match sprint
5 lap scratch x 2

I lowered my gear to 93” to get on top of it better and respond quicker in sprints. My 200 time is a problem. I equaled my fastest time last season, but I believe I’m capable of a better time.  I noticed my wheel was skipping in the fourth turn in every heat when I was sprinting, taking me off my line and scrubbing speed. It could be inexperience with the change in gear cadence, tire pressure, my set up going into the start, angle of approach to the corner, or my position on the bike. I can try to figure it out on my own, but with all the potential variables to consider, it’s probably worth it to get some coaching.

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