April 30, 2019


CIRCUIT x 4 (+ 28 lb weight vest)
Push up – 10reps
Pull up – 5r
Front squat – 120 lbs x 5r
Single leg RDL – 24 kg x 10r (5/5)
Chin up – 5r
Ab wheel x 8r

1.5 mile weighted walk


  • AM body weight 173 lbs
  • + 4 lbs on weight vest
  • Day 8 – 15%-10%



CYCLING  (Track Masters Category – 8 riders)
45 minute warm up

Omnium overall placing – 6th (12 riders)
5 -Lap Scratch  –  5th
Miss and out – 6th
10-Lap Tempo – 4th
40 Lap points race – 6th (12 riders)


  • I increased my gear from 96” to 100.3” on Saturday and left it on tonight.  It was okay when speed was constant. Once tempo increased and I had to accelerate I had difficulty turning it over fast enough.  It was a good lesson. In the future I need to increase gearing in smaller increments.
  • I put in some hard efforts early in the tempo race.
  • In the 40 lap race each time I came to the front during the first 20 laps I raised the speed.  At the bell with 10 laps to go I had difficulty matching the acceleration and had to get around several lapped riders.  Eventually I was dropped and there was 30-50 meter gap between me and the lead group.   I had to chase solo for a few laps until a rider behind me caught up and recovered on my wheel.  I was able to recover enough to take more hard pulls and cover the gap with two laps to go.

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