May 28, 2019


CIRCUIT x 4 (+36 lbs weight vest)
Push up – 10reps
Pull up – 5r
Split squat – 135 lb x 6r (3/3)
Single leg RDL – 24 kg x 10r (5/5)
KB snatch – 32 kg x 6 (3/3)
Chinup – 5r
Ab wheel x 10r

1 mile walk


CYCLING (track)
1 hour warmup – 81” gear
20 lap scratch race – 98” gear – 6th place
20 lap international omnium – 3rd


  • Day 36 – AM body weight 173 lbs
  • + 4 lbs to weighted vest
  • Repeatedly attacked from the front during scratch race.

20 to 10

body composition


It’s been 36 days since my last body fat test.Since then my weight has dropped 2-3lbs. However I’ve gotten stronger -progressively adding 16 lbs to my weight vest during circuit training, and using more weight on some of my lifts. My clothes are fitting looser, and the changes are noticeable in photographs.People who haven’t seen me since before I started this program in February have been surprised.I’ve been taking a weekly suprailliac skin fold reading. It’s dropped 3mm since May 1st, which is about a 2% loss of fat. I figure I’m about 12 to 12.5% body fat now. If so then I’ve lost 5-6 more lbs of fat and gained 3-4 lbs of lean mass over the past 6 weeks.My goal is to lose another 6 lbs of fat and gain 3-4 more lbs of lean mass.   

I’m still eating about the same.  No simple carbs.   Low complex carbs.  I’ve increased protein slightly and reduced fat.   I’ve trained more over the past month than I can remember.   I’m on track to train 24 days this month.  On four or five days I trained twice.  I will continue this pace as long as my recovery is good.  At this rate I should be close to 11 % by the end of June.   

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