June 21 & 22, 2019

Georgia State Championships – Master 50+

Endurance Omnium :
Place: 4 Event: 20 Lap Scratch Pts: 3
Place: 5 Event: 1.5 Lap TT Pts: 2 Time: 41.637
Place: 3 Event: 6 Lap IP Pts: 5 Time: 2:47.133
Place: 4 Event: Omnium Total Pts: 10

Sprint Omnium :
Place: 6 Event: Sprint Pts: 1 Event: 200 Time: 13.96
Place: 5 Event: Keirin Pts: 2
Place: 5 Event: Omnium Total Pts: 5

Team Events :
Place: 1 Event: Masters Team Sprint Pts: 3



  • I lowered my 200 meter time by .32 seconds from last month.  I was 1/10th of a second from qualifying for the sprint tournament.
  • I was a second slower in the 500 meter and 1/2 second slower in 2K from last month.   I didn’t feel warmed up for the 500 meter and wasn’t fully recovered for either event after racing Friday night.  I worked harder than necessary in the scratch race Friday night.  It cost me 3rd place and 2 points.  
  • I drew last position in the keirin start.  Next time I have to move up before the motorcycle pulls off.  
  • The final race (25 lap points race) was rained out Saturday night. I had planned to race more strategically because a podium spot was on the line.  I was confident I could move up to third place just being more conservative. 
  • I was the oldest rider in the 50+ category by 3 years.  Next season I will be racing 60+.  I am still building a base and plan to be in much better condition going into next season.

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