June 29, 2019


CYCLING (indoor trainer; 1 hour, 6 mins)

Secondary recovery. Leg speed efforts. Keep the gearing low. Aiming to hit a peak cadence while staying steady.

  • Warm up
15 min @ 3 RPE
60-100 rpm
  • 15.0 sec @ 6 RPE
135-200 rpm 
Ramp up to and hold 135 rpm+ for 15 seconds. Try and increase while staying steady. In a small gear.
  • Recovery
 10 min @ 6 RPE
  • Repeat 15.0 sec and 10 min intervals for 4 total
  • Cool Down 10 min @ 3 RPE


Weight: 171.8
Body Fat Percentage: 13.1%
Lean Body Weight: 149.3
Fat Weight: 22.5

Compared to:

April 23, 2019

Weight: 175
Body Fat Percentage: 15%
Lean Body Weight: 148.7
Fat Weight: 26.3


Almost 4 lbs of fat loss in two months.  Lean weight is almost the same despite my effort to gain lean mass.  I have a few possible variables to consider as I continue to pursue 9-10% body fat.

  • Insufficient recovery from high frequency resistance training
  • Insufficient protein intake
  • High volume cardio work

If I continue my current program I will likely continue losing fat but at a slow rate.  Ideally I want to add lean mass and maintain a body weight of 170 lbs.  Additional muscle makes it easier to drop fat.     I can’t add to my frequency of resistance training but I  can increase protein and recovery.  I can also reduce frequency of resistance training and increase the intensity.

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