July 2, 2019


135 lbs x 8r
185 x 5
225 x 1
230 x 1
230 x 1
230 x 1
225 x 2

CIRCUIT x 4 (+40 lbs weight vest)
Push up – 10reps
Ab wheel x 10r
DB Hammer curl – 30lbs x 20r (10/10)

1.5 mile weighted walk


CYCLING (track – raced in 100” gear; 11 riders)
45 min warmup 92” gear
8 lap scratch race – 4th place
Elimination race – 3rd place
40 lap points race – 3rd in points; 2nd overall is finish
Omnium points – 3rd place


  • AM body weight 173 lbs
  • Raced more strategically but still worked harder than necessary at times. I was less predictable and conserved energy.  However I went with a break in the scratch race instead of waiting. Cost me third place.  Needed more determination in a couple situations.   My closing sprint is still a weakness. I had an opportunity to win a couple of the points laps in the 40 lap race but took second three times.  Improve there and I will win some races.  I gave up too soon in the elimination race.  I’ve done well in recent elimination races after learning to not get boxed in.  It requires more effort to stay outside and surge forward each lap  but it is effective.  The only other way is to lead from the front each lap.

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