August 6, 2019


CIRCUIT x 4 (+40 lbs weight vest)
Push up – 10reps
Pull up – 4r
Front squat – 135 lb x 4r
KB snatch – 24 kg x 10 (5/5)
Chinup – 3r
Ab wheel x 10r

2 mile walk (+40 lbs)


CYCLING (masters category; 6 riders; 99.7” gear)
45 min warmup
5 Lap Scratch race – 5th place
12 Lap Tempo – 2nd place
Unknown distance race – 4th place
Miss and Out feature race – 11 riders – 2nd place
Omnium – 3rd place


  • AM Body weight – 176 lbs
  • Made an error in last lap of 1st race. Pulled off front. Should have stayed in position. Probably cost me two places

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