August 21, 2019


Full-Body Hypertrophy

Warm-Up (2 Rounds)
Resistance band Face-Pull x 15r
Decline Push-Up x 12r
Reverse Lunge x 8r each leg

Hypertrophy Circuit A (3 Rounds)
Dumbbell Bench Press 50 lbs DBs x 12r
Pull-up x 10r
Walking Lunge 25 lbs DBs x 16 (8L/8R)
Hanging Leg Raise (Abs) x 12r

Hypertrophy Circuit B (3 Rounds)
Dumbbell Shoulder Press 35 lbs DBs x 12r
Barbell Bent Row – 135 lb x 6r
Lateral Lunge – 25 lbs x 8r each leg
V ups x 12

Restorative Circuit (2 Rounds)
Barbell Curl – 100 lb x 8r (cheat concentric / slow eccentric
Zottman curls 25 lbs dbs x 8r
Barbell 21s 45 lb bar – bottom to mid curl x 7r mid curl to top x 7r complete curl x 7r
Lying Tricep extension – 45lb x 20r

AM Body weight – 173 lbs

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