August 28, 2019


CYCLING (A category ; 26 riders; 99.7” gear)
45 min warmup
20 lap split scratch – 12th
Point A lap – 10th
60 lap points race – DNF


  • AM Body weight – 173.5 lbs
  • These were my first A races. Not a typical night at the track – faster than usual. 3 college teams preparing for championship this week attended. Also a former two time Olympian and world champion in the field. Each A race started fast and created gaps within the first two laps. The 60 lap race finished with 3 riders. I believe the 5 who finished behind them were lapped.  8 masters in my first two races. I was second master rider.
  • It wasn’t my goal to upgrade this season but I progressed faster than expected.   When I returned to cycling last year I imagined it would take at least two seasons to compete with my age group.   I’ve exceeded expectations. I’m pleased with my progress but not content.

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