September 11, 2019


Gym 2 (Full-Body Hypertrophy)

Warm-Up (3 Rounds)
Resistance band Face-Pull x 15
Decline Push-Up x 12r
Reverse Lunge x 8r (each leg)

Hypertrophy Circuit A (3 Rounds)
Barbell Bench Press – 185 lbs x 8r x 3s
(135 lbs x 10r x 1s warmup)
Single Arm Bench Row – 28 kg KB x 8r each side
Walking Lunge – 25 lbs x 8r each leg
Hanging Leg Raise (Abs) x 12r

Hypertrophy Circuit B (3 Rounds)
Barbell overhead Press – 115 lbs x 6r
Kettlebell Snatch – 28 kg x 6R/6L
Lateral Lunge – 25 lbs x 6L/6R
Ab Wheel x 25r

Restorative Circuit (2 Rounds)
Barbell Curl – 70 lbs x 12r
Barbell Tricep (skull crushers) – 70 lbs x 12r

CYCLING (stationary trainer)
30 mins active recovery 80-90w 80rpm


  • Tuesday races were cancelled due to rain. I warmed up with a set of 50 pushups and 17 laps before the rain hit the track. This was my last opportunity this season to officially lower my pursuit times. I was confident based on my current fitness but it would have depended on how good my starts were.
  • I have two more race nights for this season. One is mass starts and another is sprints.  My initial reaction is to avoid the sprints.  Which leads me to the conclusion I need to do more of them.  Because if I had to pick out my weakness on the track right now it is sprinting and top end speed.  My best results this season have come from turning over a larger gear which requires an extended wind up.  Another advantage has been recovering quicker than others and repeating sprint efforts.   (Basically being able to suffer more and longer. )
  • Sprint competency and top end speed are going to be the hardest areas to train and last areas of physical improvement.
  • AM body weight 173.5

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