January 13, 2020


Warm up
Resistance band pull apart 15r
BW Squat 10r
Jump Squat 5r
Box Jump 5r

Deadlift (2 min recovery)
225 lbs x 5r
300 lbs x 3r x 3s
315 lbs x 3r x 1s

Hypertrophy Circuit (2 Rounds)
Split squat – 105 lbs x 12r each side
Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift – 25 lbs dbs x 15r
Barbell Good Morning – 100 lbs x 15r

Restorative Circuit (2 Rounds)
Resistance band Pallof Press 1/2 kneeling – 15r each side
Box Step Up – 24 in box – 15r each side
Landmine Oblique Twist x 15r each side


  • First heavy lifts in about a month.   Was probably ready after 3 weeks which is consistent with previous lumbar flare ups.  Had some shoulder and neck stiffness from deltoid isolation exercises last week so I waited for that to subside.

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