August 10, 2019


135 lbs x 10r
225 x 1
245 x 1
275 x 1

PULL-UPS (body weight)
1 set x 25 reps (personal best)

CYCLING  (Velo Cup; Master category 40+; 10 riders)
5 Lap scratch race – 6th
7 Lap win and out – 4th
10 Lap Split Scratch – 4th
Miss and Out – 2nd

Omnium – 4th out of 10  (20 points)


  • AM body weight 172 lbs
  • I took 4th in omnium and 2nd in 50+ My goal was top 5 in the omnium and 3rd in 50+.   I was only three points out of third place.  1st and 3rd place winners are 10-15 years younger than me.
  • I made tactical mistakes that cost me points in all four races.  Especially the first race.  The 5 lap scratch race has one sprint.  There is little room for error.  I stayed on the front the entire race because the speed was so slow.    In the future I need to get off the front after lap one and keep position for the final move.  I could have easily contended for second or third place worth 6 or 4 more points. Instead I got 1 point.
  • I had a good chance to win the final race had I made an earlier move. I have a better long sprint than the winner. Instead I waited too long and when he jumped on the downhill I had to get around another rider on the uphill giving him a speed advantage and I couldn’t cover the gap.  That cost me 2 points.
  • Last year at this event I placed 9th out of 11 riders with 2 points.  With an effective off season plan I expect even better results next year.
  • Something to remember.  Most of my competitors now have 100s of races behind them and have benefit of experience. I’m still learning.

May 4, 2019


PULL-UPS (body weight)
1 set x 22 reps

10:00 AM

CYCLING  (Criterium Masters Category)
40 minutes  Max heart rate 183 bpm


  • AM body weight 173 lbs
  • Day 12 of 15%-10% body fat program
  • Pull-ups improved by 10-12 since January by doing low volume weighted sets and losing 15 lbs.   22 reps is the most I’ve done in 6 years.  This was without a warmup.  My PR is 23 reps when I was in my early 20s and weighed 145 lbs.
  • The criterium race course was more technical than I expected.  There were three narrow downhill turns and a 400 meter 3% uphill with broken pavement.  Racing open masters age 35+ made it a certainty the race would come apart.  It did within two laps.   For a first crit in 15 years it was an ambitious move on my part, but a good indicator of my fitness level and pack skills.   It took 10 laps just to feel comfortable in three of the turns.  I made too hard an effort at the wrong time in the closing laps (and it cost me a chance for first instead of 3rd in age group.  I was pulling for half a lap when a lead group passed us.  Two of my age group riders resting on my wheel jumped on the back of the group on the uphill and I couldn’t respond quick enough.  I chased for two laps and thought I had a chance to get back but came up short.     Lessons learned:
    • need more speed endurance
    • need to drop another 10 lbs of fat
    • more group riding at max efforts
    • race smarter


May 28, 2016


WARMUP: Running/jump rope/lunges

HILL SPRINT (3′ recovery)
4 reps of 60 meters 9.4″, 8.9″, 8.8″, 8.8″
4 reps of 30 meters with 40 lbs sled between 60 meter sprints

135 lbs x 5 reps warmup
185 x 5 reps warmup
250 x 3 reps x 4 sets
(10 double leg jumps and 30 single leg jumps between each working set)

AM Body Weight 171 lbs
AM Heart Rate: 46 bpm