October 5, 2019


CYCLING (velodrome; 40 miles)

100 laps – 105” gear
20 min recovery; gear change
75 laps – 101” gear
20 min recovery
25 laps


This was a fundraiser.
2nd 100 Laps averaged 22.5 mph 255 watts
Didn’t measure the first 100 laps – estimate – 23 mph 265 watts
Headwind on corner 4

August 13, 2019


Bench Press
135 lbs x 10r
185 x 6
225 x 2
240 x 1
245 x 0

Overhead Press
115 x 6r x 2s

2 mile walk


CYCLING (velodrome; 99.7” gear)
1 hour warmup
1.5 lap (@500 meters) 40.40
6 lap (@2000 meters) 2:43.83


AM Body weight 173 lbs
The 2k time is almost 4 seconds faster than my time two months ago and 3 seconds faster than my personal best. I lost some speed after the final turn in the 500 meter and was still faster than my last two attempts by over a second. Areas for immediate improvement: starts, cadence, aerodynamics and power.

August 10, 2019


135 lbs x 10r
225 x 1
245 x 1
275 x 1

PULL-UPS (body weight)
1 set x 25 reps (personal best)

CYCLING  (Velo Cup; Master category 40+; 10 riders)
5 Lap scratch race – 6th
7 Lap win and out – 4th
10 Lap Split Scratch – 4th
Miss and Out – 2nd

Omnium – 4th out of 10  (20 points)


  • AM body weight 172 lbs
  • I took 4th in omnium and 2nd in 50+ My goal was top 5 in the omnium and 3rd in 50+.   I was only three points out of third place.  1st and 3rd place winners are 10-15 years younger than me.
  • I made tactical mistakes that cost me points in all four races.  Especially the first race.  The 5 lap scratch race has one sprint.  There is little room for error.  I stayed on the front the entire race because the speed was so slow.    In the future I need to get off the front after lap one and keep position for the final move.  I could have easily contended for second or third place worth 6 or 4 more points. Instead I got 1 point.
  • I had a good chance to win the final race had I made an earlier move. I have a better long sprint than the winner. Instead I waited too long and when he jumped on the downhill I had to get around another rider on the uphill giving him a speed advantage and I couldn’t cover the gap.  That cost me 2 points.
  • Last year at this event I placed 9th out of 11 riders with 2 points.  With an effective off season plan I expect even better results next year.
  • Something to remember.  Most of my competitors now have 100s of races behind them and have benefit of experience. I’m still learning.

July 16, 2019


CYCLING (track – 99” gear)
1 hour warmup
5 lap scratch race – 3rd place
Elimination   – 1st
Point a lap – 3rd
40 lap points race – 5th
Omnium – 1st


  • AM body weight 174 lbs
  • best track results I’ve had so far
  • The 40 lap race was disorganized and half the field sat in and did minimal work.  I rode hard the most of the race and it cost me 2nd or 3rd place.


June 30, 2019


CYCLING (track)


92” gear – 25 Lap warmup. 2 laps rest. 1 seated 100m. 1 lap rest. 1 standing 100m.
10 min rest
1×10 lap effort. Last lap at the same speed as the first.
10 min rest.
2x5lap efforts. 2 laps rest in between. LLSSF
10 min rest
96” gear – 3×3 lap efforts. 2 laps rest in between. LLSSF
10 min rest
100” gear – 5x1lap efforts. 2 laps rest in between. LLSSF
10 min rest
5x200m efforts. 2 laps rest in between. LLSSF
10 min rest
10 lap cool down

Day 69 – AM Body weight – 172 lbs


During June l trained on 28 days and completed 32 separate training sessions. This has been my most active month in recent memory.  A high frequency month for me historically has been 16-20 sessions.    Combined with April and May I’ve accumulated a lot of volume at moderate intensity.  Last week I felt sort of stale.  I will back off some of the volume and introduce more exercise variation to ensure I’m allowing recovery.

June 26, 2019


Full-Body Hypertrophy

Warm-Up (3 Rounds)
Resistance band Face-Pull x 15r
Push-Up x 15r
Reverse Lunge x 8r each leg

Hypertrophy Circuit A (3 Rounds)
Dumbbell Bench Press 50 lbs DBs x 15r
Pull-up x 10r
Walking Lunge 25 lbs DBs x 24 (12L/12R)
Hanging Leg Raise (Abs) x 12r

Hypertrophy Circuit B (3 Rounds)
Dumbbell Shoulder Press 25 lbs DBs x 12r
Barbell Bent Press 100 lb x 12r
Lateral Lunge – 30 lbs x 8r each leg
V ups x 12

Restorative Circuit (2 Rounds)
Barbell Curl – 45 lb x 20r
Lying Tricep extension – 45lb x 20r


AM Body weight – 172.5 lbs