August 28, 2019


CYCLING (A category ; 26 riders; 99.7” gear)
45 min warmup
20 lap split scratch – 12th
Point A lap – 10th
60 lap points race – DNF


  • AM Body weight – 173.5 lbs
  • These were my first A races. Not a typical night at the track – faster than usual. 3 college teams preparing for championship this week attended. Also a former two time Olympian and world champion in the field. Each A race started fast and created gaps within the first two laps. The 60 lap race finished with 3 riders. I believe the 5 who finished behind them were lapped.  8 masters in my first two races. I was second master rider.
  • It wasn’t my goal to upgrade this season but I progressed faster than expected.   When I returned to cycling last year I imagined it would take at least two seasons to compete with my age group.   I’ve exceeded expectations. I’m pleased with my progress but not content.

August 20, 2019


CYCLING (masters category; 8 riders; 99.7” gear)
45 min warmup
5 Lap Point a Lap – 2nd place
Win and Out – 2nd place
Elimination  – 8th place
40 Lap Points feature race – 3rd place
Omnium – 3rd place


  • AM Body weight – 173 lbs
  • Boxed in on first lap of elimination race.  Had time to escape but hesitated.  Cost me 2nd or 3rd place and possibly 2nd place in the omnium standings.  Have to be smarter
  • 40 lap race was hardest of the season
  • Didn’t feel well today. Fatigue. Possibly dietary issue.

August 13, 2019


Bench Press
135 lbs x 10r
185 x 6
225 x 2
240 x 1
245 x 0

Overhead Press
115 x 6r x 2s

2 mile walk


CYCLING (velodrome; 99.7” gear)
1 hour warmup
1.5 lap (@500 meters) 40.40
6 lap (@2000 meters) 2:43.83


AM Body weight 173 lbs
The 2k time is almost 4 seconds faster than my time two months ago and 3 seconds faster than my personal best. I lost some speed after the final turn in the 500 meter and was still faster than my last two attempts by over a second. Areas for immediate improvement: starts, cadence, aerodynamics and power.

August 10, 2019


135 lbs x 10r
225 x 1
245 x 1
275 x 1

PULL-UPS (body weight)
1 set x 25 reps (personal best)

CYCLING  (Velo Cup; Master category 40+; 10 riders)
5 Lap scratch race – 6th
7 Lap win and out – 4th
10 Lap Split Scratch – 4th
Miss and Out – 2nd

Omnium – 4th out of 10  (20 points)


  • AM body weight 172 lbs
  • I took 4th in omnium and 2nd in 50+ My goal was top 5 in the omnium and 3rd in 50+.   I was only three points out of third place.  1st and 3rd place winners are 10-15 years younger than me.
  • I made tactical mistakes that cost me points in all four races.  Especially the first race.  The 5 lap scratch race has one sprint.  There is little room for error.  I stayed on the front the entire race because the speed was so slow.    In the future I need to get off the front after lap one and keep position for the final move.  I could have easily contended for second or third place worth 6 or 4 more points. Instead I got 1 point.
  • I had a good chance to win the final race had I made an earlier move. I have a better long sprint than the winner. Instead I waited too long and when he jumped on the downhill I had to get around another rider on the uphill giving him a speed advantage and I couldn’t cover the gap.  That cost me 2 points.
  • Last year at this event I placed 9th out of 11 riders with 2 points.  With an effective off season plan I expect even better results next year.
  • Something to remember.  Most of my competitors now have 100s of races behind them and have benefit of experience. I’m still learning.

August 6, 2019


CIRCUIT x 4 (+40 lbs weight vest)
Push up – 10reps
Pull up – 4r
Front squat – 135 lb x 4r
KB snatch – 24 kg x 10 (5/5)
Chinup – 3r
Ab wheel x 10r

2 mile walk (+40 lbs)


CYCLING (masters category; 6 riders; 99.7” gear)
45 min warmup
5 Lap Scratch race – 5th place
12 Lap Tempo – 2nd place
Unknown distance race – 4th place
Miss and Out feature race – 11 riders – 2nd place
Omnium – 3rd place


  • AM Body weight – 176 lbs
  • Made an error in last lap of 1st race. Pulled off front. Should have stayed in position. Probably cost me two places

July 16, 2019


CYCLING (track – 99” gear)
1 hour warmup
5 lap scratch race – 3rd place
Elimination   – 1st
Point a lap – 3rd
40 lap points race – 5th
Omnium – 1st


  • AM body weight 174 lbs
  • best track results I’ve had so far
  • The 40 lap race was disorganized and half the field sat in and did minimal work.  I rode hard the most of the race and it cost me 2nd or 3rd place.


June 21 & 22, 2019

Georgia State Championships – Master 50+

Endurance Omnium :
Place: 4 Event: 20 Lap Scratch Pts: 3
Place: 5 Event: 1.5 Lap TT Pts: 2 Time: 41.637
Place: 3 Event: 6 Lap IP Pts: 5 Time: 2:47.133
Place: 4 Event: Omnium Total Pts: 10

Sprint Omnium :
Place: 6 Event: Sprint Pts: 1 Event: 200 Time: 13.96
Place: 5 Event: Keirin Pts: 2
Place: 5 Event: Omnium Total Pts: 5

Team Events :
Place: 1 Event: Masters Team Sprint Pts: 3



  • I lowered my 200 meter time by .32 seconds from last month.  I was 1/10th of a second from qualifying for the sprint tournament.
  • I was a second slower in the 500 meter and 1/2 second slower in 2K from last month.   I didn’t feel warmed up for the 500 meter and wasn’t fully recovered for either event after racing Friday night.  I worked harder than necessary in the scratch race Friday night.  It cost me 3rd place and 2 points.  
  • I drew last position in the keirin start.  Next time I have to move up before the motorcycle pulls off.  
  • The final race (25 lap points race) was rained out Saturday night. I had planned to race more strategically because a podium spot was on the line.  I was confident I could move up to third place just being more conservative. 
  • I was the oldest rider in the 50+ category by 3 years.  Next season I will be racing 60+.  I am still building a base and plan to be in much better condition going into next season.

June 19, 2019


CIRCUIT x 4 (+40 lbs weight vest)
Push up – 12reps
Pull up – 5r
Split squat – 135 lb x 8r (4/4)
Single leg RDL – 24 kg x 10r (5/5)
Push press – 135 lbs x 4r
Chinup – 5r
Ab wheel x 10r

2 mile weighted walk


CYCLING (track – 96” & 98” gear)
1 hour warmup
5 lap scratch race – 8th place
Chariot  – 3rd
Keirin – 2nd
Unknown distance (10 laps) – 2nd

Omnium – 6th place out of 17 riders


  • Day 58 – AM body weight 173 lbs
  • Adapting to 40 lb vest
  • I made an early move in the scratch race but couldn’t hold on.  These were my first chariot and keirin races. I was over-geared for the chariot and couldn’t close the gap in just one lap.