• Seien (Blue Smoke)

2019 GOALS


  • Optimize lean mass / 10% body fat by Summer
  • Cycling with emphasis on velodrome competition, some road events
  • Build aerobic base with 3-5 hour rides
  • Mental strategy: patience
  • Physical strategy: intervals of various durations, various sprints, hill sprints, lean body composition; weights, plyometrics


500 meters – <  40 secs (28.67 mph) by mid September
2K < 2:50 (26.2 mph)  by mid September Completed June 11th
200 meters < 13.5 secs (33.13 mph) by mid September

  • Increase power for all events
  • 200 m – cross start line at higher speed and cadence, build power
  • 500 m & 2 k – improve start, acceleration, adapt to larger gear between April & September

Complete 4 day Spring “camp” (50+ miles per day)  DONE 4/2/19

Race State Track Championships – June DONE finished 4th

Race 2019 Velo Cup – DONE – finished 4th out of 10.

Complete a century ride (tentative July)


  • A Century ride was not consistent with my track training and racing.
  • I’ve also prioritized race performance over body composition.   I’m hovering between 12.5 – 13.5 which is a big improvement over last year.   To get to 10% fat I would just need to emphasize more lifting and less riding.  
  • Getting under 40 seconds for 500 meters and under 14 for 200 is much harder than I expected.  I’ve improved considerably in power and endurance.   My top speed has also improved but not at the same rate.  I have another couple opportunities this month.